Tuesday, September 16, 2014

The Gospel according to progressives ; Saved by Change Alone

Is that "whats new is better" and whats old at best is immaterial . The leading progressives are largely determinists in sheep's clothing . They offer the future - a convenient,  unprovable and in practice vain hope ( if you look at what they have achieved in last 30 years )
The power of the word "new" explains why adherents fall over themselves to bring us " new ' research .For most of us who have witnessed this mistaken focus -  the destruction of the old schools that created scientists in Australia this sill shallow talk is neither interesting or new . Just religious rubbish worship . you can wait as long as you like for innovation but if you kill the real breeding ground ( eg by trying to pick winners ) - your hope for megastars will be in vain.

It happened in the last 24 hrs in reports around the Climate council and their concerns about the Coast . If the ABC employed a few more scientists they would NOT make fools of themselves by reporting such rubbish .Their level of credibility among st people who know,  wouldn't be so low.
In a week when Utopia has been provided the best reality therapy ever ,  some dumb woman appears on 774 saying "We need a new Integrated planning authority" ( you mean like they have in Utopia) --- to deal with what ?  Purely religiuos people are a giveaway ---  they can't see the reasons their first love has warts on it . 

The issue : Rising sea levels . And she was serious

You see , even if the sea level is rising , you don't turn on the first fix button that comes into your panic stricken head .An old button but a highly polished button : 
But then you must realize why the common sense filter is not operating . ABCchurch is in full swing the spokesman is only doing what decades of ignorant advisers have been doing ; saying that " Sure -government is always the solution "  ; 

Its Gospel in the church of Saved by Change Alone receiving the highest honor yet again from the ageing and ineffective fanatical Fabians still on the drip feed in Labor and media. "Government is always the solution-  it has  been the one and only Savior for all of them who can't fund their passions elsewhere"
Lateline runs the same Worry brigade item on the basis of " new research " ( Adjective "new"should be a reason to bin it  but the worshipful brigade see it as symbol of the Gospel )

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