Monday, May 09, 2016

Judging faith on its ground effectiveness

Could be funny if it wasn't so ridiculous . The merchants of change in theory want us suddenly to believe they are interested in the sustainable. Jennifer Byrne on the book club talking on books that changed the world .

The only way  a progressive  can do this in the West with the bible and its grand literary and legal history standing in the decades of centuries is to claim , as they did on Book Club  that pre biblical history had the idea before any Hebrew or Christian .   More than a hint of denial there and only a catchphrase or token word like "the Iliad " to back it up ,
So,  quite predictably we have the sycophants on her  program dribbling out the doctrine using the Iliad aas the key -  Just what we learnt from history is of course not an issue for a Jew or a Christian , We learn nothing from history , We are far more realistic and less prone to disappointment . Clearly as other members show the only alternative story of significance has to be a dystopian vision ( hunger games a) . The convenient dystopic vision at ABC of environment as disaster area is now a littel dated. ABC priests  may believe dystopia talk can work  cause their paid , whether it does or not , but young people will not -- Thank God  
ABC breeds dystopian depression by preaching no other gospel  

 Faith in evolution ( so much part of this setup and stitch up program )doesn't work and its insertion into what is supposed to be a program about outsiders ideas becomes,  as in any church a sermon on why the chosen authors agree with us .  

So the biggest problem for this new faith in automatic progress and if you like " improving on Christianity crap " is that we need post christian ( more modern) authors to demonstrate this effect .

The constant faddishness in modern literature dissolves any credibility Jennifer Byrne tries to give to her assertion on THE BOOK CLUB . She is not helped by her guest who talks about The Hunger Games , All the presenters on the program don't realise that by asserting a progression,  they should have on the  ABC given the two millenniums of christina thinking far more independent and focused ( cf general)  oxygen than they have for decades  ,Enthusiasm for change characterises their attitude and the reason why the glass is for them ---still half empty ( and obnoxious to young people)  .

We have told our young people that its a dog eat dog world - now they believe it and any reading of The hunger games that makes it nice is pure fiction - like their ambition to improve on a workable theory of human nature that the bible has taught consistently for centuries .

there are of course modern books that have changed the world but the reality is most people in modern times have never listened to build .
"The origin of the species"  is valuable because it established the fact about natural selections role in adaption. It was one o those realities that deeply challenged not so much the authority of the Bible but the long held interpretation of it , You need something deeper than one chapter and its interpretation  to ignore the Genesis story. The bigger question is do we still accept original sin as the framework for understanding the human condition - a best approximation ; or do we have another? .

Maybe Jennifer Byrne will have some one on next week to show us how she at least has moved on her understanding . Scott Peck Rollo May , Ronald Conway  If she is right about natural progress there MUST be somebody whose ideas TRUMP those of a thousand years or so

Whatever happens  Jennifer Byrne will have to be careful because the bible is clearly progress according to her theory - maybe she can identify how specifically we have moved on  from it? - errors paradigms
Somehow I don't think she has thought it through .
As Herbert Spencer might admit if he were alive today " I invented evolution as the answer to everything" .but I know even Darwin,  who work is tight  on this  would never let anyone let the idealism get out of hand --- Evolution and adaption happens , its not a universal principle of control in nature. Unless of course , you are stuck with your DNA as the final word in your lif.