Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The latest convert? Anthony Green?

Previously well know for his indipendant advice, Anthony Green steeped over that invisible line near the altar after the election to preach the simple doctrine "something had wrong" and therefore "something needed to change' .You mean to say that after all these years the greens had been wrong to do what they did " Didn't know it was his was his job to say so. ABC --not revolutionaries - reactionaries .

Monday, November 08, 2004

Living on the past

The main reason for setting up this page is to get some decent debate about the sacred cows of ABC church . The degree to which the ageing doctrines of many lefties in the ABC and journalism is limiting their ability to keep in touch with real people, their ambitions and concerns.( esp Australia)

The best illustration in recent times is a reluctance to accept that the West is more conservative than " they are supposed to be ". The media in general failed to anticipate election results in both Australia and the USA . Noone in the media predicted that people would vote against "the new church" when the weakness of their tired old woosy doctrines is increasingly evident everywhere .

The media, in general, wanted to believe the left was in ascendancy when its doctrines are clearly less effective at conversion and membership level. The doctrines of the 60's reactionaries have been tested and failed. People outside the church can see it more as time goes by .
The left has its own morality, conversion and salvation doctrines ----- but the members are in denial about even that .