Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bullshit- there is a lot of it still ....out there!

"That's what you get outside" the preacher said . There is a lot of it out there influencing our young people even now" "Stop it" she said ( ABCTV qanda) "Throw all those old books in the bin" . The congregation rang out with a loud chorus of " Amen , sister" .
The service started well with a warm greeting to the unbeliever on the extreme right. But it soon deteriorated into a war of words and "I wannabe heard" claims . Even the arts critic ( marcus) couldn't seem to get beyond the politically correct paradigms that ruled from the front .

The OT reading came from the old book of FABIANISM " the only rule is that there are no rules ". This proverb pleased many ; Yes, it was clearly the solution to the aboriginal problem, just as its the solution to all problems .
The gospel reading, from the book of Childrens verse , was read clearly " We should only do as we like " ...."and the same is true of the aborigines". Self determination. A Wonderful , praiseworthy, doctrine
The problem neatly solved, the leaders of the service moved us onto how we could stop the Russians getting to port and the critical argument of the night; "You nedd to accept ; I thought of it first " ( The game created the most angst, did it not ?); who was first one to talk about carbon trading, the audience was asked to weigh in the court of petty chapel .
Really ...Who cares - You can be sure it wasn't a scientist ( there is too much rhetoric and idealism for us detail blokes to speak on that ----as science)

The unbeliever, by this time was clearly restless with the way the condemnation chorus was going; the chants were getter louder and more insistent around the same subject - lack of true faith by others . ( Maybe, just maybe , the reactionaries were not sure where they were going to from here - an apologetic for the day?) Maybe the biggest political problem in our own backyard is , as Jones put it ,the lack of narrative . Come on back to narrative then , you change for changes sake agents ! The revolutionaries, as always, turn out to be moving infront of revolving and reactionary doors.

Focusing on what the opposition are doing is also, not something a growing dynamic church does. Besides, the reality therapy of our lifetime doesn't really help the case. Marxist revolutionaries have, in the name of revolution , done more damage in the last century than the fundamentalists. Sure, Greg says , lets talk fanaticism , if you like - just be aware ....that you may infact show some of it yourself?? Do they have confession time at ABCchurch?

Finally, Bob puts his hand on the shoulder of the unbeliever.
" I'd like to pray for our beloved brother Greg here , that he might ...really, really see the light ; no longer be an unbeliever in what he too, can't see; save him from denial and scepticism about things we all know and believe to be true " .
A church meeting it was, if ever I've seen one. ABCTV QandA Thursday 14th August 2008