Friday, June 13, 2008

Skippers or Flippers - why the inequality, the hypocrisy

Prue and Charlie (ABCTV qanda) were I think quite rightly questioning whether Rudds pontifications about whale eating were a little beyond the pale . Emperors in glass houses should not throw stones .
After all, he can't really do anything about the issue, but he is making the most of sitting on what appears to be the moral high ground . Shaky stuff-speacilly when the top of the food chain takes over his home town and he is forced to kill some of them .
Most importantly for realist idealists is the question whether there is any real practical difference between cutting up our own national emblem and culling any animal at the top of the food chain . Lions do it . Are whales sacred and kangaroos not?

Is the science of meat eating,teeth, temperament and trophism no longer the guiding principle of secularists? How can they be so selective in their "science?"
Sacrificing meat to idols was a big qanda in the 1st century . why in the world should it be one now? . St Paul said the fuss about meat was not a central one so what was a big quanda then became a non issue in the West for 20 centuries ?
Maybe not any more ? . What does it mean when our leader says "we worry" about every whale, when we generally accept careful culling in our own country.
Who would have thought some secularists in 21st century would be worried about eating meat sacrificed to idols?And with the hypocrisy of such a position obviuos to everyone but the emperor himsel . Does it make sense to you?