Monday, August 01, 2016

Culturing Obnoxiuos Women

Leading women of Australia don't quite see their own ridiculous stance on the effect of rebellion and self centredness on our communities and theirs in particular :You may feel like being like the childish adults on Absolutely Fabulous,  but you are wrong to not resist it; deeply and effectively.

It took Lumley and Saunders ( Lateline tonight) to remind the reactionary women's club at the ABC that nothing good can come from enjoying their indulgence and their well hidden love of acting like children and scratching, cursing and self centered cruelty that is so often there somewhere. .
Don't think many of the worshipers would realize that,  to think like that was to pull yourself and your family down
 .The ABC boys are allowed to do snide and innuendo  with their tired old formula of wars on everything . Are the women allowed to do same ? Maybe they don't care if they end up like the boys- underneath ?
Why do we have to put up with the same same old tearing cynicism and innuendo,yes we are switching you all off because you are off !  Leading cynical sectors of ABC are running on plain hypocrisy and empty reactionary rebellion to any structure ---apart from their own. .How many grownups are there in there?

Joanna was at pains to point out that the "poor us sexism" that women on Emily's list play up to , is driving their own and their daughters into a go nowhere unreality.  There is nothing there!

My bet is that noone in the pews is teaching their girls self control . One can only wonder, not how absolute fabulous are their homes , but how empty, vacuous and unhappy .Cruelty isn't part of the show ,only because the AF daughter has more sense than to follow her mothers lead . Are all the sycophants to AF as wise as the actors ?

Our daughters are being  radicalized by their own mothers.  Takes more than an Imam to generate a revolution . All it takes is failure - the empty nice denial of real evil by the reactionary  modern secular age .