Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Blessed are they who bombard the guest with questions

Going on the machine gun approach to questions adopted by John Cleary to the former Indonesian leader last Sunday ,the number of questions has more value than the answers. Very greek but not very effective . Dialogue loses out by mixing cultures carelessly. Maybe we listen, they talk - not good dialogue if you don't dig .

Sunday, December 12, 2004

Tear down straw men - avoid God who judges with impunity?

Silence in whose church? John Cleary’ s program ABC local radio 12 December Sunday night
The church of God hasn’t failed mate. Secularism has ! Take Nannyism ( check out blogspot ) . Take political correctness. Take meddling social policies that cost the earth, but do not cut where it counts. Chesterton was right to predict it --a whole century of no progress for the reactionaries and there costly rhetoric .

Old lefties and rebels from the faith of our forefathers don’t have influence: They have jobs in the public service where they meddle and nit pick . The faith of our forefathers was on a proven , effective and efficient road to liberty and freedom. The faith of those who have rejected that faith is now in the law and its extremely costly, unsustainable , pedantic and politically correct” thou shalt not talk “policies .