Tuesday, May 05, 2015

ABC innovative or predictable ? Open or closed ? Superficial or substantive ?

Jon Feine who clearly has spent far too long cocooned in the ABC,  has his ultimate faith in Innovation . "If you are doing what you were doing ten years ago" , it seems to him , you R a dinosaur . He didn't need to tell us yesterdaywhat his church affiliation is - we have known for years; we at least ave been listening  (The church of the wonderful God of  Progress   WGP )
Yes Iview makes sense and is a sound innovation . .Feine being the monocultural believer he is , cannot see sideways . Jon hasn't weighed up the big picture in his own program where he still controls the discussion ( see notes on774 blog about this years ago)
ABC's stale old  list ( just a few egs)
- Lack of innovation in youth programs like no  community TV ,
-the dumb and dangerous "do what you like "( WGP) sunday school" of Rage .Ultimately "kids will learn" (WGP doctrine), who cares if such innovation breaks up families?
-SOSO  formula for promoting science haven't changed - only got more flashy ( Quantum , Science show, docos on Sunday night )
-- One might rationally assume  there important for church teaching doctrine - that's why they don't change ??

What too many ABC pewpreachers  lack,  as advocates of the truth,  is the understanding that our religious views can cloud our objectivity - all us . Feine like Tony  Jones regularly interrupts and controls the discussions on their programs  ( if need to justify this watc them try  to discuss 10 totally diiferent distraction items in one hour ---prejudice delivered predictably .
Tony Jones runs the only party in town where the conversation amongst the  biggest celebrities in town is controlled by him .And noone complains about his Fuhrer like behaviur esp managemnet who fund him to be so
Jones tries to make it fun but really its his gig and he doesn't really laugh. Last nights charity gala event said to support the poor in disaster areas looked more like  a specific good image gig for Peter Singer whose very own charity and political causes were given all the bright lights.,,,,,,, and we left unfed .

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