Sunday, July 01, 2018

When the women are not happy

What is it with the girlfriends groups at the ABC that they have to go on and on about  men.
The offended ones  are not going to win any points because more and more thinking people can see past the patronising stereotype that even the PM puts on us   '' we can do better ". The royal we is a careless pee.

If the women are going to take on the giant job of speaking  for all women make sure you do speak for all women .

 Like many men,  women are using genetics to justify their sexism and they simply shouldn't. Its( whatever it is this week)  no more in their DNA  (XX or XY) even though Y deprived like to say so - so many use the damning determinism of their age  to justify their griping ; such sadness  and associated madness is predetermined.
 Whatever the content,  few men are listening because of all the grizzling and griping underneath .  We men ( most of us) can see it; they are being sexist about the question of abuse, even if theXX's can't.
Its also another example of the overplaying of some noisy group that is oh so annoying at the ABC - we are switching off more and more
That said , women are abused more and more - but as their grandmothers might tell them - ask yourself what you did before you go hunting the devil. Whats really itching you ?

"a fair principle might be for all  - if you don't want the badge, FIRST  make sure you don't wear it . The conditions apply to philanderers of both sexes ".

And if not confession , then there maybe denial -----news commentary on ABC should be reasonable and the following is reasonable 

"Even if no man ever spoke slut shaming - it would still be there unspoken . If a woman doesn't give up sleeping around , she wears the badge of slut in most men minds. There is only one thing she can do about that ( should she choose to do otherwise) and it isn't in the new and worthless cultural change dreambook., esp its chapters on how to change others ."

"a fair principle might be for all  - if you don't want the badge, FIRST  make sure you don't wear it . The conditions apply to philanderers of both sexes ".

My mother would be offended at Annabelles portrait of her hard doneby sex in "guess whose coming to dinner _ year by year .
As a very successful career woman she was happy to give up her stimulating career to become a full time mum . With her girlfriends,  she enjoyed all sorts of  creative and diverse manufacturing ( not the drudgery of most work places)  She,  like so many of her growing group of new best friends  started and ran community groups and activities - not ONE mentioned in the decade of dinners  program . 

Thought more than once that the family on show were also eating or regurgitating words that weren't really their own. - reinforcing some fixed hard done by womans stereotype. wouldn't it be great to have met grandma !!!! I had visions of Margeret Mead being taken in by teenagers telling her what she wanted to hear . Innnocent - the children or the adults . Peterson on Cain and Abel?

So many liberated women of a n earlier age  celebrated the choice to be household and group  leaders and the release from drudgery  that technology like clothes washers provided.   The program is a bit of fun , but if the film producers at ABC were truly competitive and running in the dirt  they wouldn't be wasting our money on soap cleaned up for PC - even Mystery Road and so many Y deprived lawyers  and well dressed detectives don't cut deep enough for those of who live on the edge. Where in Mystery road is the edgy rejection of "poor me" driven problems ?????

My mother knew there was no relief  for her poor husband whose drudgery was in not being paid to provide food for his country ( animals and fruit)  I wish the ABC would realize it has a predjudiced view of history before our children do.

If the women are going to take on the giant job of speaking  for all women,  make sure you do speak for all women .
We can all complain - just stop and listen . Noone is listening.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The search for deeper things

While I liked Sarah Ferguson's closer engagement with people in the domestic violence series, I struggle with her questions. Dumb sub scientific "why" questions especially .We used to pay ABC to report - not run scientific investigations . Now they think they can solve problems or even understand them .Where's the respect at the ABC for those who do that properly  in the truly complex matters of healthcare ?
Filling their programs with their favorite words ideas and questions is one thing,  but not seeking much advice is the tragedy in most of this; the deeper things ( below)are not uncovered.
In a paradox of heavenly proportions they talk of " shining the light " on things . Too Christian to be believed from them . Maybe they are confused about what deception looks like ?

Nowhere does this strange  habit of cynical journo asking dumb question  become an obvious downer  to us in the audience  than when the person being asked the question has something to hide or is stuck in celebrating my ideas mode .
While the latter is increasingly common,  it is  not helped by self select but stacked panels on  everything from QandA to TheDrum .
Dumb questions are OK but they should come from the audience - they don't. QandA 's staged question setup was never so obvious as when Malcolm Turnbull was on recently.
Anyone would think Malcolm  was a christian ; deserving the tearing apart treatment you get in Emperor Jones Colosseum
Everyone has something to hide ; Our ignorance our prejudice . That's why the lack of real independent observers on ABC is so annoying ,.     We all know the technique - have a least one lone outsider that fulfills our obligation even if it provides just a convenient beating up, moving on  target should they get to speak for too long . The ABC has a really bad habit of wasting our time, They do it with titillating and splash statistics. Edgy  but with no go boundaries.No dumb questions from the audience makes the above programs amongst the most pretentious  on TV.
Everyone should be learning while  at the ABC,  but many are not .
What really annoys me is that behind and under the shallow response to domestic violence epidemic we get refusal to talk and face the underlying issues of " not feeling good about yourself "   and anger ( not being understood )

Where does all the hate come from ? Clearly many in church don't know . Many ignoring its causes under the surface
While noone at the ABC dares to mention  the hell created by a generation who encourage self focus
ABC church will do no good .
Like the more sustainable meeting houses,  maybe the new church  needs soem sort of  confession to start off so they can really move on.( as they say)
The projection onto others ( hate ) is going to grow while  ABC doesn't know it, confess it ,and talk to it .

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Moving on or just going around in circles

ABCTV,  in particular has a problem - its cultivated a culture that is quite inadequate to deal with  the age of science - the media have very few  practicing scientists and worse- they don't expose the people to them enough. QandA classically is stacked with polys and wannabes .An inexperienced isolated arts graduate culture dominating intellectual  and  political life in Australia ?

A leading Scientists spelt out the risk of our current disease nearly 100 years ago

What I hope maybe helpful now is to expand on the way the above named disease has been cultivated in places like the ABC and other lefty homes for safe injection . Tragic misplaced cynicism poured over  our once clever, more competent and confident countries young people.

Like many who fail to practice either sound science  or philosophy ( ever learning but never coming to a gnosis of the truth)  they hope a generalization or correlation will carry the audience  forward ( Tony Jones eternal myth of a heaven by "moving on" )You ask the question "why" or "why not" without a clue that if you don't wait or listen long enough you will never know .
What do you learn on the ABC?
What help is all their attention to truth by majority- demolition of ideas by class history ? Class warfare? They use words "pattern "and "puppet","dinosaur"  and "cockroach "for condemn all those in a class  who hide behind old things
 Generalizations are  fine in their place ; they are useful generalization words about human behavior and us sheep .
But we know if we want to keep the door open ( true democracy and freedom of speech) we try to bring others around to confront a person to their particular face /issue . Cultural crap is such an unholy mess that only the gods could  sort it out IMO .we do it to each other at our own peril . 
To accuse an Image deo of tribal sin  is and always risks your offending  against the 8th commandment , We hope for better in each other and our increasingly out of control media .

It seems to me that , like them , many at the ABC  are going around in circles and just don't  see it .

Monday, December 11, 2017

The sacking of Red Symonds

In a paradox of profound proportions the high priests of ABC  have sacked the only person who is really funny in there .
 Being the pathetic religious pedants that they are,  they think an injection of " comedy ' will give the ABC what it lacks . Drug induced highs is what they are hooked on -- They are nor honest and open enough to realize we can't join them because the government don't pay us to be cynical unprofessional speculators - and they dare to talk of Red " not doing his research"

We haven't learnt anything from the decades of Jon Feine and all his research and he appears to have not learnt anything either. Feines' the one they should sack .
No injection will prevent our rejection of their being far too serious about their own  religion ;  the white cloak over the cynicism  ; the inbuilt anti- authoritarianism ; the dumb baseless determinism as their hope for the future; their misplaced idea of how science works and mots of all their failure to acknowledge its  limitations . 

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Heard them laughing in the corridor .

About others who constantly talk" Values"
after all at ABC there is no need for values because we are all good ( don't need to have this discussion ) , and
All your values are as good as my values , Anyone who talks too much about their values is intolerant That's that other group over there an boy are they bad .
Nervous laughter , Hypocritical laughter or just noise to cover a blank space .

True independent journalism - or a bunch of predictable religious reactionaries

If there was one chorus the ABC hum it would be the above one TIJ. They have convinced themselves that they are fair and open . Yet the evidence from the many who switch them off regularly is that their same old same old is the result of religion in denial -- failure to recognise that they bring their own bias to reporting and who to report .
Only if reporters did little but put a microphone in random faces we would get more independent journalism .
We also don't get independent reporting when the news feed is fulla commentary,  speculation ,same old commentators and self appointed adjudicators like Tony Jones who are controlling discussions by always moving them on.
So what would be fair characterization of OUR ABC?

Who do you think wrote this and when?
"we were anti-industry, anti-capitalism, anti-advertising, anti-selling, anti-profit, anti-patriotism, anti-monarchy, anti-Empire, anti-police, anti-armed forces, anti-bomb, anti-authority. Almost anything that made the world a freer, safer and more prosperous place, you name it, we were anti it." In particular he criticised how the opinions of ..... staff "were at odds with the majority of the audience and the electorate".[5]

Let me just tell you it was one of the finest and most respected public broadcast/writers of our time

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

War with straws

Nothing shows the  nakedness of many of the reactionaries at abcchurch than the weak targets of its troops. The reactionary young men who started Rage, Wars on everything,  are still obedient to their job descriptions  --but their programs  say nothing ,They use a lot of explosives and its colorful but its really just .......mad as hell. Even just overconfidence in identifying the enemy will kill troops when the warfare is  gorilla warfare
 Oh yes they fill our screens with images of things to fight against,   but really most of abc audience don't need the suck eggs of Checkout and Wars on waste . we don't need more navel gazing  drivel in courts to remind us that the rationalists are limited to law in their ineffective tyrannical war to change the world.   Productivity is important - it breeds optimism , touting at windmills breeds cynicism.
The schoolmasters at ABC should retire before they spend more of our money on making the gloves under the club look good . Besides some of us go,  but we don't believe .  Besides,  as is said below , children aren't following ABC schoolmasters either- and when they do the evidence,  for you dumb reactionary fact checkers , is that it just breeds cynicism.My facts VS your facts How very childish and dull esp -------when ABC has the last word .  .
One of the biggest problem with ABCchurch is that when it gets  too heavenly minded,  its of little earthly use.Good on them for trying but good intention is never enough when it comes to evil .

ABCchurch  cultivates a hiding place for cynics who don't have to grow up and be real .Who instead of reporting people from the real world , increasingly do the commentating (eg  The Drum,  Feine Qand A, Sure the desire for truth can be there , but I am saying the commitment is often  not . Takes 30 years to train a good scientist .Yet chairpersons ask " Who ask how and why"  questions without any hope of digging any deeper than the playground or colosseum or some other PC safe haven in which they operate. Sound science takes time to work through so just making it sexy is not enough .
The ongoing fiasco of Todd Sampson trying to make science sexy showsr incompetence in the subject matter
Time the ABC had a science directorate outside it , or at least just a few practical scientists within its ranks  Go on tell me who they are . The disease of non scientists in the ABC telling us scientists what we think has reached epidemic proportions in ABCTV at least.

The classic neglect of Children and young people at the ABC 
Our children are not as placid or stupid enough as to think OUR version of rage is reactionary enough , The church crowd  wouldn't know what young people are thinking , They are so bust talking ( cause they are loosing the battle) to their own old  crowd on things like Book club they wouldn't notice their own  PC.The degree to which reactionary empitiess just breeds woosiness, niceness and cynicism. The immature adults in the congregation seem to show a blind eye to their children who have learnt to hate them because they woosed out in modern reactionary selfie  pulldowns ( everyone is wrong except me ) like " please like me" .

Where in the world are the reports form Children on the ABC . so non pC  Something that really says what a sin is . That challenges them ---not panders to them . See how they struggle not to laugh when " values ' are mentioned . Its our job to make everyone laugh at ideas of " whats valuable" . Without a vision of sin,  its always other bloke who has the problem . Maybe there is no sunday school at church because the kids have seen through their parents ? If its not that it would be impossible not to get the message- pure cynicism is the go .

If only a little of the ABC budget was given to to people on "you can't say that "or community TV to produce something DIFFERENT from the boringly predictable cynical preoccupations of ABC1  

Monday, April 03, 2017

A coupe for common sense

Nothing could have prepared Tony Jones and his tight team of religious pedants from the shock of an  unexpected few words from the royal family of Hamlet territory. What do you do when someone says something heretical in church .The court as usual out of touch with the leadership.
Helle Thorning Schmidt believed in CC, so "she must be alright" to provide the perfect balance they seek on Q and A---they thought.
 Helle was apparently  perfect for that perfect balance that they strive for at this worship service on Mondays --or so they thought . Pity about the child who is unaware of the parade -the emperor wearing no clothes .
Nothing could have prepared the control group from her stepping into the crowd and being called called foul over her short statements about the very nature of Democracy ( as she herself rightly put it !!!) .
 "Of course you can insult someone ", she said to the amazement of the PC crowd .The church was rocking with unspoken calls of "heresy" .Court in session.
She must have wondered what has happened to this wonderful place of free spirits,  where they now sit on people who express them .
 For a stunned moment, the penguin in charge found it difficult to move on .His" moving on" move  normally quite effective in keeping his program and sermon series on track .

God bless them;  They took a risk last night in having Pail Kelly and Josh,  but little did they think that this honest visitor from outside would do what visitors do - tell the truth ,
They will have to make sure next time the balance is right - The team do know that they can't have more than one scientist or expert on the panel;( doctrines must be clearly put) to have more than one expert islike weighting the game in a gambling fashion -- does anyone remember how the QandA panel treated Professor Bob Carter?
Clearly the team didn't see that the other panel guests would be so wishy washy over the deep and powerful issue of words and didn't see like those guests  how the tyrannical try to rule with them --it simply didn't occur to them .This is a comfortable place to sit late at night after all .
Helle was not briefed to NOT play the political game of the moment; pretend we believe that Section 18 is OK because it was the rights ( or is it liberal lefts ) decision to try an reform it . The reactionaries will pathetically and predictably say that the word insult and offend  MUST stay.

Helle said the blasphemous words " its OK to insult " . Any reasonable thinking person would recognize that  the evil is often in the ear of the beholder -but not the PC brigade in the pews

The  pew sitters are happy to see someone crucified in court because the assertive rich one ( or anyone ) has the right to take someone to court for what they see as a crime.Crimes of ommission and good intention come to mind .
Pity they haven't read Romans 11 :8 for a while, where the author points out just a few problems with what we see and what we don't see and why .Why we have trial by jury and why we are NOT in the West clones of his old crowd --the pharisees.
Seeing a comment as insulting doesn't make it so, but the ABC and the Senate would make it so . Innocent people will NOW continue to go to court , even in houses, schools  cafes and in the street because the Hollow men in the Senate like Hinch just want to go home : when a clear winning argument is not obvious; when its all too hard and you can't please the people on your side-- or anyone in particular
Never was the left in such a bind, on the right,  than when they can only advocate doing nothing .

Never are the reactionaries ( well dome Malcolm Turnbull for easing them out of the cracks ) so evidently in a state of traumatic inertia and self imposed paralysis than when they realize they have nowhere to go (react to )but to go back and vote with the common sense of reform .

What a bunch of clowns .

The perfect balance doctrine at the ABC -

(In  superficial terms of course
 The high priests strive to get it right "You  got to fact check these things they say " - fact being a very good cover for lack of Quality and a pedant preoccupation with quantity - Hegel and history would be aghast at the teams simple doctrines. THE ABC team are so short of real scientists they miss Hegels Whiteheads and Russell's point about the nature of scientific verification and how to get things CLEAR .