Friday, November 16, 2012

We just don't listen to the ABC much anymore

Whether its Jon Feine, Epstein, ABC TV predictable non comedy , Twitter and by line cut brigade ( esp on weekends ), Q&A ,news cuts on Israel ( we get bombs OUT  but not bombs IN) or any number of ABC program s we just switch off and talk to each other , look up something else  or use Iview.  Take ABCenvironment ---reactionary and out of control.Some programs are fine --however.

Typical government service of our day - slow lumbering , self referencing and insensitive.  Busy trying to sound like they are doing what they are increasingly not doing ( representing thinking people- representing leaders and the real innovators and prophets ); The ABC are increasingly NOT representing thinking people properly , those  who can see the increasing fanaticism and patronising nonsense of some of Australia's  most important minorities ( farmers , deep thinkers , true entrepreneurs and innovators,scientists who spent their critical decades studying- not talking to the media)
If  the ABC continues to appeal to the common denominator and the quick fix,  it will just get lost in the common mass - with not enough direct accountability (as with commercial media) to keep it totally honest ( truly representing and not editorializing   ( even Neil Mitchell can do a better job on something Feine thinks he knows something about  )
Part of the Government is dead risk that rightly featured in the recent USA elections?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

ABC Judge and Jury

Heard the strangest thing yesterday . The ABC was provided with a specific document justifying the stand of the Catholic church as if it was the adjudicator of a debate our forefathers would clearly say that should be left to the Royal Commission and the courts .
Subtle,  but serious problem of perspective .
Sure its Ok to provide perspective but really the real issue is this . The church dares to try and look after children noone else does, so they  can never  meet the expectations of the standards brigade at ABCchurch. I won't listen to their pontifications till they do a four corners on the subject and put it in context .  
If we really think children's interest are important they should not be left to the quick fix of TV and media angst  .
 Just how mi focused this attempt to trap the devil could be in highlighted by the naive and misguided false expectation that a ,or any,  Royal Commissions  will , by their  very nature , solve the problem of child abuse . Nearly as dumb as thinking churches are the only ones trying to pick up the pieces of o mum or dad .
I mean like the RC will solve the problems of the department of human services in each State -
How Much DHS would give for the TV solution - if it worked !