Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Who goes to Church ?

Well anyone who works there i guess for a start. But you say ther is no PC in the ABC - i think the audience recognise that most attendees support the post modern view that values are subjective and therefore defining the nature of good and evil ,is if not out, a place you don't go. But by not stating a position, you state a position . Hence the PC element and the intellectual and doubt difficulty with the youngens world view thats not quite working as well as its supposed to !

You don't have to believe everything that's said there of course , but if you work there, you learn one thing - you don't easily raise questions which challenge clear doctrine like that above .
unless you ask those "questions" in a certain exacting way where they can be given a predictable and set answer.
Don't dare ask a really wild question like "why are so many pagans and atheists sending there kids to religious schools - or what is about islam that is so attractive?" Instead we get " what do you think about people coming into schools to preach ? All hands are raised in gloriuos chorus of agreement Not a doubt surfaces in abcchurch because of the way the questions are put ! Doubts then are dismissed by a few words rather than real dialogue something that's rare at the ABC at least on 774 and TV -------and could make it so much greater.

Sunday, May 01, 2005

All other types of church people are extremists

Don't talk about some things ! Could create division and reduce simplicity . Compass and religious affairs finally start talking about what is happening in middle ground churches- the biggest community event EACH WEEK for centuries and when have you ever seen it on TV till FAMILY FIRST and vicar of dibley arrived ! .