Monday, February 12, 2007

The preaching of righteousness is a heavy burden

The good that we would have others do
The sermon on Monday's conversation hour caused a predicatable ruccus in the back row from Richard Stubbs . We should , should we???? You want ME to get rid of my stuff. I 'm with you stubbsy - they couldn't convince us about WHY , except to say . Believe us - if we get big business to act - it will stop the sky from falling. Every ones entitled to their own beliefs . More important, where is the gospel in all this -otherwise i think i will listen to CD's next sunday/monday

The same old same old continues every week . We MUST get them/everyone else to " do the right thing" on greenhouse and global warming. Some abc presenters must be getting a bit sick of playing priest and "authorities" on all matters risk , cause all this warning and education stuff ( say on water and fire risk )"is making us sound like our parents" . something we definitely don't ever want to do ! Why don't we just leave it to the experts .good question !
The ABC is getting to be no fun church anymore . How did it get to where it is now? Isn't there a better model for motivation for the audience at least?
How do we get the world to change? Don wants more regulation more law --but is that going to work? Can we make people good or do good ? very one sided worldview!

Where is the post modernists theory of effective action when you really need it ? We've tried selling the inheritance( telstra) , education ( ho hum ) and now they've drummed up the media and film industry into a frenzy- its still not going to work - partly because its not about clear needed action( the stuff that made the west best ) but guilt, denial and reactionary rebellion.You can tell that as a clearly focused ecosyetam risk management agent because they don't really listen to those who would use the money effectively anyway!. The majority of people incl Mr thwaites are throwing mere tokens at the threats .

Good governance in the face of real threats REQUIRES weighing up how big the fire is before you put even one drop of precious antidote on it . If the media and the polys were really together on these things, as they make out they are - There would would have not left so many dead ends in the action pile. WE list them here/.
Maybe richard . like us, smelt a rat . The idea of the rationalists there present that morning ; "that reason and being reasonable works " sort of falls apart when you see all the excuses people make and the tokens they buy instead of taking the medicine . Its a get me generation and preaching is out of fashion with secularists and materailaists in particular . After all materialists have been preaching for decades that time is always about progress. Not only "if it going to happen it was meant to happen" but - it will all be good - like some new psalm "even though i walk by the shadow of global warmng i will not fear because evolution is here".
People are ALSO more irrational than rationalists give them credit for .whose families have they been studying ?
Far more helpful is to go back to the old worldview where men are mostly in 2 minds and living it . We say one thing and do another .We give the impresion we are committed if we think "its the right thing to do at the time" . The woman with nothing gives more than those who give lots because they have to or because they have a lot and or because it looks good . Does anyone ask - will it work?
. we know if you don't--- the answer to that question !
Don had a more "progessive" idea out of the box - more regulation - force people to be good . At least one of mc mullans guests ( on ABCTV that night) was having none of that nonsense either. Progress on this debate comes from where ?

Will the end of all this post modern preaching be just more heaviness?And don't give us the "this is science and jury stuff ' Don't believe either always knows what the big picture truth is . More importantly , the door is so clearly closed on open discussion on these matters that sound risk managers just retire from service - get real.

Friday, February 02, 2007

Huddled around the holy fire

Desperate for news of the latest person to agree with their latest piece of non scientific fanaticsm ABCTV are reduced to quoting a UN resolution as top news on friday night ( 2nd February )Report itself complete with added pictures of falling ice and yet to be seen rising seas levels have been listed in Kohlers column under falling stocks ( those with lowering credibility) .