Monday, June 18, 2012

The real trouble with religion

is when it has no sense of humor .Even when the mood is humorless ,the pewsitters seem to remain loyal following around the leader who can and would change the world. " why doesn't anyone believe the redhead? " they say.
 The growing fanaticism of the leaders seems to go unnoticed by the INSIDERS as they attempt to prove that their god can do the impossible . the leaders constantly talk up the impossible; 'the changing of culture; the brilliance of her economic policy '. god deniers are said to be  relentless negative when much of what the public and they are doing is rejecting the god assumptions in the highly promoted doctrines of salvation.and damnation   .

Qanda tonight broke free of the shackels and had some great humor .Schmidt set the scene by saying what every mental scientist knows - every serious scientist has faith .
 . The new religions  could do with a dose of free thinking. Emma asked the redhead  if her attitude appeared a little smug( promoting eco policy in particular)  .Right on
You can't criticize someone you worship can you Mr Hildebrandt.  As mr Schmidt said "you gotta choose who you would put your faith in because god holes are part of the mind framing business" .

Ustinov ( and i think Schmidt ) would know why humor broke out in  the crowd on qanda . Its time the pew sitters did