Tuesday, August 12, 2014

All about Eve

EVE .....who thought she had a right to know everything ;
Jennifer Byrne is write about one thing.  Books can provide relief . Beyond that thought she fails to see the point . That there is no good in writing if there is no good and no evil--  only the endless flight into fantasy
Thus her careless play with the seven deadly sins leaves her in a snake pit  with all the asps spitting their venom against good at us .The snake smiled rememember as he said " you know better than most" ---- and nothing really good to say about why Hamlet is a really good play and most of her facsinations and gibes at those who love good , empty and facile.  
Sloth she thinks must have its good side  especially cause you are not actually commissioning anything - shes been to church;  she thinks ommission is deep theology but like many who have been,  its innoculated her at really understanding why sin is such an exciting and powerful subject .( because we best avoid it and repent of it - none of that at the ABCTV - we're positivists and determined to recolour the image pink and smile while we do what the rest of the world does; justify own indifference to others and the deep hurts  .
Suffice to say that she misses the point it trying to be positive and light about sin .

The deadly disease of indifference ( amongst its many synonymns ) is not menationed by her or any of her guests , Its ok not to care ; just to sit around and solve the worlds problems on the TV without ever going anywhere. ,
Rationalism would make a much better faith if God didn't actually restrict what we see .

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