Saturday, August 25, 2007

The personalisation of evil

Dear old Spike M , as Jill called him on fridays's CH 774, needs a good home . The dear old high priest of reactionary medicine needs to go back to where he came from -where his passion for righteousness would find a good home ; Away from all this fear of mere men and worship of tactical materialism to a vision of a way around such profound dilemmas - a doctrine of evil that cuts where it counts . A doctrine that goes straight to the heart of the matter.

Phillip Adams personalisation of evil ( Mr Bush ) just doesn't help . While his advice " 3 more terms of comfort ye comfort ye" was funny at the time, the singing in his beloved church is getting very dirgy -predictable dull and poorly targeted - not enough to inspire us to keep watching or go there for a lift before monday
Knock down the Bush barrier and you will find a barrier just as big and even more devious than the one targeted . ABC church needs a doctrine of evil with a bit more guts to it. One that might have a hope of seeing the beast before you shoot at it - the deeper paradigm of a angel of light might get the growing gulf between ideas and action at abc church "moving on "( another favourite service call - cf " you may be seated " ).