Sunday, April 10, 2016

ABC 's moral dilemmas too small and predictable

One of the clear consequences of ABC cloistering its worship around clever government is that the government is not so clever . You have to worship something and the object of their worship is thick.

The ultimate consequence of their decades long faith that government (and its ally -public opinion care) is that the volunteers and onlookers may stop caring as well .   We pay them to care so let them get on with it  - these institutions  simply do not  care very well without constant reform from the ground up . These institutes in cares name will dissolve out the care if they are run purely on material grounds. s  .

Give us a break from G Doogue and  Tony Jones  whose predictable structure and patronising ignorance limits  the discussion possible.
They have had their chance to lead - give someone else a go!!!!!!!
 The only moral decision  Doogue thinks is out there  is 'assylum '. What about the rebellion  of young people and the attractiveness of islam in the moral vacuousness they have created over the last 20 years  ?

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journeymanj said...

all those anti islam banners will just go away if the govt bans them