Sunday, July 12, 2015

Old reactionary noise never dies unless it has a permanent drip feed from the public purse

Emperor Julian would be pleased with our Philip Adams (He is able to sell the old as new again ) but we have little reason to be .He's stale old bread.  Instead of using his considerable wit and wisdom to promote his favorite worship chorus of progress and evolution,  he takes us back ten years to Hitchens talking about Thomas Payne - what  a pain it was, same old same old , ABC repeats rather than ABC up to date

As a practical scientist I cringe when he defers to what I know , Tis something he only thinks he knows - he simply doesn't know and its shows in the way he calls us gods of reason .( He also as a worshiper doesn't ask questions like a good scientist would , Why ? Presumably he can't cope with my rationality and his pathetic and pedantic game of lumbering logomachy ....  at the edges of reason)

" Can  you think of someone modern who still promotes Payne 's version of freedom "Silence was the stunned reply .So much for progress and all from our gurus

There is no-one who dares to run the simple freedom and equity arguments beyond there allotted time ( very short) . Nature not only abhors a vacuum, its diversity refuses to be drafted into the equity only important mode of these modern but short lived pedants ( as Payne , Rouseauu etc etc  were all like Shaw heretics and paying the price for same - irrelevance and ineffective )

 I'm all for less government but the hypocrisy of the fabian left is they only have governement. Without a reformation people's bad side requires a "government good "assumption , The fabians should disband or at least stay out of the government pushers brigade as they are irrational about its dangerous infallibility - and esp once they are on committee.
The more substantial boundary rider was  Orwell who realized that freedom and prosperity, pushed in the name of equality,  was birdbath deep  . The trouble is,  as our century proves oh so well with all its tyrants running the argument , is that the simple can do a huge amount of damage  before the fire runs out; Before the substantial ( and science) rules over the simple

Can this man who doggedly limits his reason to what he himself can see,  survive the onslaught of the future -- - a reaction to the prison the determinants have created , A more "romantic period "if you must ?
The recurring and countercultural idea  that there is more to knowing that knowing will ever know is coming . His version of science is "its the answer to everything"  and yet Payne like Chambers should have scientists adoring him for his prophetic brilliance  if it were true .

Young people rebel from being put in his cage. His and the ABC war on everything may have some adherents because its natural for young people to be that way , Whats not natural is to not recognise when you grow up;  whats good in the past and reinforce it for our kids sake .  Resilience builds on a foundation, not complete freedom.

Will be interesting to see who has the courage to review S Neimen republished "Evil in Modern thought " . I only hope whoever does,  will challenge another simple mistake not even accepted by psychiatrists - That religion  can be poison tis true , but its not possible to be human without having one, Whatever the result of her confrontation we know denial about wh knows will continue .
I hope someone has the courage to let her witness to us with her own well thought through words .
At least stop the latest denial by the determinists " You don't need religion "
" Religion and political activism begin where reason is missing "