Monday, April 21, 2014

Keep the heretics out of church

RE Qanda tonight
To Tony Jones 's credit,  he let the man speak .( Brendan O'Neill)  And not before time
  1. The left has thought it has the territory of righteousness to itself 
  2. The State has no answer to save people who are labelled bad -- and is getting more and more fanatical in denial of its impotence . 
  3. The Left is not credible to just call its household members "good ".Left is totally missing he point of the law and its workability ( need a moral sense so it has momentum) . 
  4. The Hope of the Left ( The State) is a false hope . The State, as Brendan said,  is our new enemy and the new god of the left and the Greens.Its powerless doesn't stop the dummies spending all out taxes chasing the illusive keys to no new kingdom. 
  5. The divorce between the left and the greens has not yet happened because neither of them have left the chapel. "Whats natural is good' being universally adopted rubbish is the same idea |which gives even the right the right to do what they like.  
  6. The left   should only be embarrased that its leaders( who claim to represent lots of christains ) don't even know that Easter is about (esp Bob Carr) ; Justice ( and how the concept can possibly be valid in the universe ) , How can West continue if it ditches THIS  dichotomy thats worked to prevent bitching and badmouthing  in reasonable balance for just a few millenia? Oh yeah it worked the Labor party wouldn't need government funds to promote its dying empty facade of a a working philosophy ( get real boys - Brendan is at least thinking !) 
  7. The left should be embarrassed that Tonys collection of them are so divided and ignorant of ideas other than those claimed in their manifesto ("logic is god" and my logic about how it works  beats yours)( science is NOT their trade -- just a value word to most of them - not something they practice-- science has far more complex form of logic  and allows for revision! There concept allows for no such division . 
  8. The left don't even know the implications and dangers of holding a  simple view of libertarianism .See Radio Nationals ABC white paper !!!!
    A bit of thinking outside the square might help them see why they think so much like the Libs and The Greens---- who they assume they despise . Bedfellows and they don't even know it .The danger is if politics too as Brendan implied is widely dogged by misanthropy the whole place is probably in denial about it . Not my church thanks ! We have as Tony so often says "moved on "from that ! So should you.

Monday, April 07, 2014

How rich are we really ?

RE Didn't Tony Jones have a lovely time in church in Shanghai last night ?

According to leading spokesman on ABCTV   ( Tony Jones , Alan Kohler ) we are very rich . Not only that we are want the world to have more of our wealth .Here" have democracy" Tony says  .We will help you conduct elections (pity we couldn't care less in full practice whether it will do any good)  As Kaplan says in his interesting book on substance, rhetoric, real drivers and dumb ideas ,The West often  ignores the claims of more discerning thinking; Congregation on qanda proclaimed in church this monday " the rest of the world will one day evolve into the best way ( our way )"
Bracken too warns of our ignorance and arrogance as nationalism in others is only increased by our own weakness of will and intellect .Like Chamberlain before him ,Jones proclaims the the new peace in our time by ignoring the crime . They want what we have,  but never paid for ( or forefathers did )or will they ever ? Can't bear watching the dummies on TV offer their simple version of democracy and watching the mature Chinese members of the panel so clearly reject it .It may not look like imperialism to Tony but its a t least close to patronising nonsense from the pulpit -- they sort of said so .
As Laplan says we persist in the wromg things  ; we continue to pretend that 'where they are ' is "in a retrograde past that our idea of economic and socail progress moves us beyond" ; the inspirational idea that we are evolving to a better future has always been in history a myth that makes for war .

Best to ditch the word evolve and talk of reform - drop the appealing idealogical drivel that makes us feel better today , but drives the shock of tommorrow . 

We are not rich if our kids aren't getting what we had , If what I just said is true, the risk of denial and fanaticism  in church is real
Our children are not being educated and not going to get careers like we did as a result of our parents foresight into bigger picture ecomia  ; They had, and rightl  celebrated, determination and focus( they saved rather than celebrated how much there homes were worth)
What do we celebrate?   Do we not celebrate  dissipation ,careless talk of democracy( Tony was warned several times by the Chinese who are rightly sick of the West's shallow preoccupation with their idea of numbers and mere talking( =democracy?  how dumb! -
We can't wait to talk of how we are selling more wheat and beef even though we still don't pay our farmers enough to pass the lifestyle onto their children . We glory in the value of our houses , the wonder of our wines, the better margin we extracted out of the poor , but the walls of our fortresses are not straight . Mere money won't support buildings whose foundations that are only skin deep; whose riches are no longer the rights and responsibility of everybody in the household. We maybe personally rich , but what is that when we could still be commonwealth rich?

The world is not waiting for democracy, it is waiting for strong leadership. The abcchurch doctrine of democracy is rejected outside of church. Its a shallow concept of democracy where every one has a say but only dinasaur driven consensus must "evolve" the way with niceness (" aren't we a friendly country "Q&A last night ) the theme .Oh dear !Aussies are the innocents - anyone looking outside in will tell you that !

The Parties are so dumb, ignorant, careless and hypocritical on this that they all talk of jobs - not careers. Anyone watching would think we we were on a  treadmill .

The proverb says it well ( Prov. 4:7 ) Pay the price for real wisdom - it's worth everything . It's what makes one really rich......Commonwealth rich.