Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Vicars of Dismay

Jennifer Byrne was in some dismay the other day. She invited Hitchens to the lectern , only to find he's preaching heresy . The shock jocks get a real shock - now there's novelty ! Well , according to her anyway he was being heretical ;  she called him racist  .
For many switched off ABC watchers of the past , the lack of encouragement to celebrate life, in purely secular books,  is very noticable.
Hitchens , it seems to me, is honest to his worldview . Jennifer on the other hand , while she's not alone in living in the past ' is holding onto doctrines that just don't stand up to the historical evidence  - specifically - the failure of the modern women's movement to liberate women,  and its partner - secularism and reactionaries failure to inspire anyone but the Stoics .
One only has to look at the very popular but highly reactionary Vicar of Dibley ( and other very popular reality cum fantasy cum comedy  shows) to see how reactionaries, like marxists,  build their case and maintain their momentum ( shock value) by using someone else foundations .
The long term problem for the reactionary position is that doesn't have any sustainability on its own - its somewhat parasitic ( guess why the ABC are not running "The war on Everything Anymore? read my predictions for  ABC's Rage ) . Dawn French cannot keep up the pretence of being so available without dragging the story down. And  the dumb and stupid people in church  never alone keep one going . The constant tearing down of the foundations leaves little to keep building on .
If you think this careless tearing down of the tough stuff is not happening in the West , observe the failure of secularism to inspire women  and the unconscious way the issue of motivation is now going to be a  key Australian election issue for our culture ( education , migration, influence  and leadership)  In other words, its not just people that threaten us but the very power of their ideas  . Clearly like the Trotskyites  of old,  the target is misplaced.
The biggest mistake the atheistic led reaction to religion make today , is not to confess that,  there is a danger and we all share that danger ; we are all religious . If religion is dangerous we are all  in danger from our own ideas . While many secularist appear to me to be  in denial about this the failure of their world-view to provide powerful value frameworks will only become more evident;  projecting this lack onto those that have strong doctrine  will be finally just noise and ineffective .
Strong doctrine is needed . Only by targeting the doctrines of a religious position will anyone be effective in resisting the dangers . Young western people will continue to become Islamic and Buddhist because the target of the reactionaries is too broad . The only solution offered by reactionaries is to follow their parents into a cul de sac.
After all "All you need is Love"  means all things to all men . It's " true" and quite "religious"  but it means nothing to say it  . Might as well say is "All you need is  dopamine or testosterone " .Like so many facts its without context =  a loose and private collection of mere facts .  Targets are either empty or highly destructive  if they don't identify the bullsh and prejudice that went into holding them up