Monday, November 16, 2009

Schooling us in the secular

In recent times we hear the doctrine from the left that there is no room for religion. If they are right ,that just leaves The State - the place where all good lefties now go for succour? No wonder they want us to support their church. Beats tithing !
But with the bureau as your bulwark , perhaps the high ideal of rational thinking would have a more honest scent if it didn't come so strongly now at the taxpayers expense? Why can longer "ideas on their own" be the driving force of change and testing before the people? Why compromise clarity with hype, spin, succour and schooling in the dull class of mere description? Not exactly a home for survival of the fittest??

Similiarly, If Ruse is right, the left may well be wrong to try and make secular the state schools of our countries.
The point is, whatever your worldview , the historic separation of church and state, in power and office terms, seems to work practically in both areas interests. Keeping them both "honest"? Nothing worse for the west, and rational led debate, than mixing such grand metaphors????

The new left wants to assert in some innovative new wave of singularly brilliant category control,but just like the emperors of old, that the only gods are man gods .
Everything good, or perhaps nothing good, will come from going beyond our ultimate faith in ourselves . We made this country it is ours . We must trust ourselves . "We are secular to the core-infact we were meant to be secular to the core"- we are being told .
Standing back , The core of a school is the ideas they present and how convincing those ideas are.

yet we have the credibility of the new left on education NOW completely at stake over their misplaced concreteness in education policy; confusing buildings with building; The education revolution has focused on structure and buildings ; the students on SBS ( maybe SBS could be religious diversity station?) reminded all Australia recently that that sort of talk and priority is unconvincing. If the shell is the substance , abcchurch leaders are clearly missing something. MCluhan wouldn't be confused - neither should any rational person about the dangers of letting the media run the religious campaigns.

The left want to assert the secular nature of education, and they have spent a lot of money to try and make it more so. Trouble is, even their own are not sending their children to secular schools.
So much for the power of ideas, and its place in modern fabian education?

The left once lived on the indipendant means of its own supporters and their ideas . I wonder how long it would survive today if the left didn't have the taxpayers support to tell us what's important, what to do , where to be and where to go to-and NOW to learn.
Maybe there is only one way to learn - do what you are told ? Do what the State says is important !