Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Afraid of raw emotion?

Nothing threatens any healthy church like the lack of serious talk , emotional outbursts or denial . One problem for abcchurch goers seems to be denial - " we never go there" " we just don't do "churchtime" .
Sure its a place most ABC powerpersons never see themselves going to - at least wittingly: but does it stop them sitting there --listening to the high priests and chiming in with the chorus ? Of course not - we all go to church somewhere?

How do THE REAL churches in our communities get people back there each week, without it being boring? How can church be serious and emotionally enjoyable at the same time? Well, let me tell you as one who loves to go , you won't find out by watching the Tv version- you have to go to a service that has both to really know HOW it happens !!

How do they keep doing it - not with threats and serious " danger talk?( like some we know) How do you get that fine balance of serious and smiling, happy to go , and "happy to be there" congregations?

No idea? you say ? - well simply you are not introduced to those types of people on TV ( except perhaps hymns of praise on Sundays and a few whose allegiance and reasonableness is seldom known. -
"I know "--someone might say --"get some modern music and new songs for the ABC"--some NEW choruses of concern. "Dangerous talk mate" ; "What do ou mean ditch the latest scare campaign for yet another????"

Another possible threat to ABCchurch seems to be denial about the possibile goodness or otherwise of emotional stuff . As everyone in the leadership knows, if you allow too much emotion in, you can lose control : the people may not take the old message too seriously - and if we are anything - " we are serious"here at ABCchurch . If we stand for anything- we stand for seriousness.Where does emotion fit with the nee Stoics ?
Why did ABCTV refuse to let Obama tell his story on prime time, featuring instead the predictable and pedantic Mr Smith and Mr Brumby . The high priests can't handle the emotion issue? . No good for a laugh - at least not when threatened by raw emotion