Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Afraid of Evil ? So we should be !

Some of the congregation( Tania 774pm ) are more than a little worried about the dark side coming out in childrens films and books like W Wonka .Lucky our kids don't read the Bible anymore eh ? -its full of murder and violence even by the so called "role" models.
No I think its time we stopped worrying ourselves sick about the evil you encounter when you get outside the building. Children respond to the idea of choc coated evil very close to home, even if ageing reactionaries just don't want to admit to it. Just watch them share the duplo!

Dark talk is welcome

Everything is fine it seems , provided we are in agreement and well defined against the opposition . The other school talks of light . We must talk of Darkness..
While this paradigm boundary creates a sense of unity , it forces the congregation to hide real issues and differences , especially as we have to deal with real families and decisions as we grow up . The problem is that this public face of dark talk only creates a sense of avoidance , confusion and depression in our communities .