Tuesday, December 11, 2012

ABC comedy? --they just don't get it do they ?

ABCTV church's biggest need is to find some real comedy.

I have quoted Ustinov on this page before so I won't bore you with the same same old stuff.

The ABC are certainly trying - Wednesday nights and the comedy festival - a budget to kill for .
They clearly need to take a different approach.  And no quick fix - a paradigm shift no less.
What's seems to preventing them  finding  the light is they don't believe in the light . As traditional reactionaries it has to be dark . T heir predictable doctrines of " how to do things " is under threat and they don't wanna give it up.  they like to pull things down . Cut off the tall poppies ;forget any reason and rely on the body . They could be serious for a change but that would involve pulling the head out and looking around.
It could be that their faith in mere progress is failing and  they can't be serious because  they simply  haven't been into that - its been  a no go area for decades . The war is on everything - and especially the past .
Thankfully some young people are sick of the dark side of everything and some oldies  in the audience recognise the fanaticism in their current approach .
The unhumourable church leaders  can't see why the glass isn't half full any more and why the hyped up optimism of giving "everyone a break" ( from persnal challenge unless they aren't close to you )  isn't working outside the church.
The people need some light relief - traditional trained  view is that you find it by being honest and truthful - esp with your self . Make a start

Sunday, December 09, 2012

The modern disconnect - Talking and Action

The tragic death of a nurse in London this week cannot be attributed solely  to coincidence. We haven't been thinking clearly about others and we have ignored some principles that were once more clearly observed in our code and society .Maybe we are all to blame for not sitting on careless talk ?

60's reactionaries have managed to convince themselves that they are progressive. Despite all the flags flown with " morality is bunk" when they were young , they don't really reject morality, they just see themeselves as "improving" on it .The high price of the imprcatical is the price they pay for their new religion.
The evidence for this they still go to church and they still defend those who go to that church . Rules are important  to them . The rules of AbcCHURCH - PROGRESSIVE
The question then that both conservatives and radicals might ask is " where is the evidence that you really have improved or progressed the moral order "?  . Progressives pulpit sermons talk about increasing tolerance and humor in religion and the high tea sessions are filled with conversations about that very subject  .Having a laugh at others expense has been a good part of Aussie humour. No place for raps over the knuckles when humour is in such short supply ( see Ustinov's  wise framing concept below) tempting thought .
Progressive religion in ABCTV      --- Chasers lead the way 
The war on everything , rather than resisting temptation , is the legacy of the libertarians;  but is it progress? The eight commandment condemns the sacrifice of a persons reputation and our laws support the principal.
We can't broadcast everything we hear in the real world,   but some in the ABC think they can be cause its no longer heresy to say so . Its fun doing what none else does . Like filming people nude and them doing and saying embarrassing things . Very height of humor for some,  to bring down others
The previous principles 
You can't even record something that some one doesn't agree for you to record so that's how important our recent history made it .
The death of a nurse in London this week cannot be attributed just  to coincidence .Thinking people can pick the danger while others chose to ignore it . Sense of shame/ pedantry in the chair and the press/ desire to care turned upside down / rule of law is more right than rule of faith .  Thinking people have been telling the ABC that , while they may not be breaking the law they are trying to  make  new law. Being in the ABC seems to mean at times that are the law and maybe even above the law ;Chasers haven't had  to defend their position to millions of people who teach their children not to just blirt out whatever they think is funny or ridiculous.
Category errors commonplace   Worshipers at the shrine of technofix think just labelleing the new fix will solve the problem . If its guns or alcohol - just ban them  they say . ( partial solution maybe)  Trouble is such simple stupidity doesn't work and worse , sends the problem underground ( se next post on truth and open truth )  . Its simple stupid because some our thinking forefathers were smart enough not to box the problem up in a technology- to be happy with just a box . The car. the TV the Inernet are not wrong in themsleves ( its HOW they are used ) .
You and I were made to be free , Its not eating fruit that's wrong its eating the fruit of the wrong tree that's wrong . Its not technology that creates evil , but how you/ we / men  use it that creates evil .To deny this is to lie to ourselves  and project the problem to a place where it may not fit .( sin is "missing the mark" )   Its not wrong to " have a go" at someone  but it maybe be wrong if you choose to have ago at the wrong person at the wrong time for the wrong reason ( HOW we use technology ) - very few clear boxes in the best kind of free world.

This aussie humor thing
Making fun of each other can be OK.  its an Aussie thing but anyone in media and position of power must THINK even more than we outta 121  about what they are doing . Under old principles the law is no protection. Neither is talking ever disconnected from action . The use of the word " word " is powerful right through our intellectual and faith history .
No excuses - we are all adults here 
"I did nothing wrong "the sheep bleet each week.( Do they like the Pharisees of old  think the Law is their protection ? )  In the old tradition the service always begins with confession . Who can see his faults excepet to listen to the careless tongue fires of others . What's old can become new again --That would be real  progress.