Friday, September 18, 2009

Lots of questions, assurances . but no answers

This weeks sermon - all part of the doctrinal durge on hot air .
Aware that they need a new tack for the same old same old scare over hot air, the ABC call for the highest authority - a book and an overseas expert .( so much for their respect for our own scientists)
Naturally the new bod is as "coola s acucmber" because the audience are now ( because of the incompetent media meddling of the wannabe scaries) wary of hot air talk by hot air talkers .
Lea Sales questions to the latest guru on hot air were very good, but point is - there were no real answers, because there is no real commitment to cut on the edge , (TOO much ABC head led CA's , unlike SBS , where the audience talk freely) .
Nothings changed - only more "trust us".( we chose the bloke and we think when confidence is low - read a book?? Sorry read both the book AND the journal AND the workplace )
The problem is of course bigger than the ABC . The degradation of science for science sake to science for politics sake means many of those who don't play the pipers tune are out of the loop now and in no talk mode . ( they are usually also too busy working too, unlike some roman toga tories )
Lea 's energies would be better spent addressing the cutting edge issue under this sore. the politicization(especially result focused) of science in austaralis . The low % of scientists who can cite stuff on these new gas and wind studies is quite understandable. Carries no weight with those of us who don't limit our knowledge base to the years we spent at University. That would be dumb!
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